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Grade A - Orange/Black Harlequin - Fiber - 1 oz
  • 1 oz of GradeA - Orange/Black Harlequin - English Angora Fiber with a minimum 3" stapel length with no seconds.  This wool is packaged with all ends going the same direction. It is clean, without debris and mats. This fiber is packaged to reduce friction as much as possible during transport.


    This quality wool was gently and humanly sheared from our black/orange harlequin doe "HoneyBee" and is perfect for spinning or blending. If you are looking for crafting wool , check our Grade C for felting.


    Want more than we have in stock?! Please contact us and we can give you an estimate of when we would have more.


    Thank you!

    Grade A - Orange/Black Harlequin - Fiber - 1 oz

    • 1 oz -Grade A - Orange/Black Harlequin

      100%  Pure English Angora Fiber

      Minimum 3" Staple Length

      4 oz  Available

      Fiber will felt if agitated

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