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Hi!  We are a midwestern family of 6, focusing on raising high-quality English Angora rabbits with exquisite fiber for YOU. 


Our own herd started with a broken fawn buck, who was described as having "amazing wool".  It was an exciting day when we were able to bring him home. All of us fell in love with his gentle and fun temperament. We creatively named him Fonzi. :-)


We enjoyed Fonzi so much that we decided to start our own breeding program. As we dove deeper into color genetics and wool type, we realized that Fonzi really did have amazing wool.  Thus, we tailored our breeding program, seeking exquisite wool, interesting colors/patterns as well as great temperament. 

Our bunny kits have been handled daily and exposed to a lot of different noises since birth. They are the perfect addition to your home, classroom, or barn. 

May you be looking for an English Angora kit or angora fiber, are just getting started, or are well versed in English Angoras, we hope you find your perfect bunny.


If you do not, please contact us,  we are more than happy to help you.  

Seriously, please reach out to us if you have ANY questions.


The Rogers 6

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