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You may purchase your chosen bunny, or two, once the bunny is 4 weeks old. You may choose to pay in full or pay a $50 reservation fee to hold the bunny.

You would reserve your bunny by checking out with "Bunny Deposit" in your cart.  The bunny will be held for you and the balance must be paid by the time the bunny is 8 weeks old.  Please be sure you want and can have accommodations in place for your reserved bunny, as all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If the balance for your bun is not paid by 8 weeks, we will send a follow-up reminder. If we do not hear from you, we will relist the bunny.

**If you are under 18 we would like to speak to a parent or guardian BEFORE you purchase a bunny. 


Your bunny is ready to go home at 8 weeks old. Please be in touch with us regarding how you hope to get your bunny home.  You are welcome to pick up your bunny or we do transport our rabbits within a small radius. If you live outside our radius and are unable to pick up your bunny, we will work with a 3rd party transporter. 

We DO NOT work with all transporters, so please keep communicating with us prior to booking transport.  Unless mutually agreed upon, your bunny must be picked up or transported by 10 weeks. 


Our herd is pedigreed and your bunny will be too. Once you have paid in full for your bunny, and you have given us your bunny's official name, we will email you his/her pedigree.



If something happens to your bunny, while it is in our care, you have a choice of either a replacement or a full refund of any money we have received for the said bunny. 


Once your bunny leaves our home, we guarantee its life for 7 days. It is important for our bunnies to be well cared for.  Therefore, please ensure your bunny is eating, drinking, and eliminating normally but please give him/her time to adjust to their new home.  We recommend that you do not groom or overstress your bunny for the first week. 


We do not guarantee gender on junior bunnies. Genitalia in junior rabbits may be difficult to correctly identify as male or female. Although rare, instances arise in which a bunny’s gender is misidentified. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check and verify gender prior to taking possession of the bunny.


The cost of our bunnies is dependent on the sex, color, and quality of wool. Our price range is $150-$475. Please see our AVAILABLE KIT section to see specific kit prices. 


Credit / Debit Cards


Cash (in person pick up only)

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