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  • Why English Angoras?
    English Angoras have wonderful personalities, a great combination of sweet and silly. They are the smallest of all the agora rabbit breeds ranging 5-7.5 lbs. when fully grown and have been nick named “Ball of Fluff”. Angora wool is 4x warmer than sheeps wool and is incredibly soft. A little of their wool goes a long way when blending it with other fibers.
  • How much do your bunnies cost?
    Our bunnies cost $150-$425. Prices are based on gender, color as well as quality of wool.
  • When can I reserve a bunny?
    Bunnies can be reserved once they are 4 weeks old.
  • When can I take my bunny home?
    Your bunny can go home once it is 8 weeks old.
  • How far do you transport bunnies?
    We have areas of WI that we will transport our bunnies, there is a small fee for further distances. Please contact us to find out if you are within our range.
  • What do I need for my bunny?
    - Safe enclosure for your bunny. - High protein food, we feed NatureWise 18% protein - Litter box & litter - Water dish or bottle - Food dish - Hay
  • How often do I need to groom my bunny?
    English Angoras need regular grooming, 1 a week at a minimum. We recommend using a pet blower to do so but a slicker brush will work in a pinch. English Angoras also need to be sheared roughly every 3 months depending on their hair growth. If you do not want to groom/shear your bunny you could keep their hair trimmed to a shorter length.
  • What is the best brush to use on my bunny?
    A bursh is "ok" however, It is best to use a pet dryer to blow out your bunnies coat. If you must brush your bunny a slicker brush is best.
  • What do I feed my bunny?
    - 18% pellets - Unlimited hay - Black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS) - Old fashion oat meal, as a treat. We recomend waiting until your bunny is settled (and 6 months) before introducing any new foods. Your bunny will be sent home with some pellets to ease the transition to whatever you will be feeding her/him.
  • Can I feed my bunny fresh vegetables?
    Yes! We do feed our bunnies fresh foods but it changes depending on the season. Your bunny will be sent home with a complete list of foods they have eaten. It is recommended that you wait until your bunny is 6 months old before introducing new raw foods.
  • Can I let my bunny free-range in my house?
    Yes, though they may get into things you don’t want them to, like cords. We recommend that you have a secure place to put them when you cannot keep an eye on them.
  • Can I litter box train my bunny?
    Absolutly! Rabbits are clean creatures. It works best if you watch your bunny for a day to see where he/she preferes to go and then set your litter box there. This is not to say that your bunny wont drop bunny bearies when hopping around... sometimes they just cant help it. I do recomend using wood pellet bedding as litter with a grate on top to both nutrelize any odor and keep the litter in the box.
  • What 3rd party transporter do you recomend?
    We have worked with the following and have been happy: - ALA Transport - Glory Be Bunny (and small animal) Transport
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