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How To Litter Train A Rabbit

Updated: May 23, 2023

Litter training your rabbit is important for to ensuring a clean home and a happy rabbit! By following these steps, with a little patience and consistent, you can teach your rabbit to successfully use a litter box.

Litter Grate for Rabbits

Step 1: Choose the right litter box.

The box should be big enough for your rabbit to comfortably turn around in. Bunnies seem to prefer a box that is on the ground as it is easier to hop into.

I highly recommend having a grate on your litter box (See above photo). They are wonderful at keeping your bunny clean as well as ensuring all the litter stays in the box and not on your floor.

See below for a link for DIY plans.

Step 2: Choose the right litter.

Step 3: Choose a location for your litter box.

Step 4: Introduce your rabbit to the litterbox.

Step 5: Watch your rabbits behavior

6. Keep the litterbox clean.

Again, it is important to remember not to expect overnight results, as litter training takes time and patience - to have multiple litter boxes in different locations to avoid territorial behavior and to choose a durable box.

With the right tools and a little patience, you'll have a litter-trained rabbit in no time. Please reach out if you have questions or see our "What do I need for a pet Bunny" post for our favorite litter items.

Litter train a rabbit
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