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What do I need for a pet bunny?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Caring for a bunny is surprisingly easy. There are 5 Basic things a bunny needs, below you will find suggestions and the photos are links to our favorites. The cost estimates are based on the prices for our favorites on 1/6/2022. Items marked with a * are "Nice to Have" items but are not necessary. I highly recommend checking Facebook Market place for some of these items - You may be pleasantly surprised how many deals you can find!

Also, we are not affiliated with these stores in any way.

Living Area: $60-$120

  1. Hutch

  2. Run or exercise area*

  3. Resting Board *

  4. Play Things - tunnels, beds, arches, blankets *

Water Bottle/Crock: $4-$12

Food: $0.06/day

Grooming Supplies: $43

Litter Set Up: $20


Living Space

  1. DuMor 36" Cage: $40

2. DuMor Tray: $20 - We do recommend getting the tray, it will catch any stray hay that falls out of your bunnies feeder.

3. Resting Board: $12 - Gives your bunny something softer to lay on than wire but also promotes a clean living space.

4. Rabbit Run: $50.00 - $100 - This is a great way to provide space for your bunny to run around while not being able to get into mischief. Some people prefer metal while others plastic, it is totally up to your preference.

A. Metal: $52

B. Plastic Play Yard: $95 - We found a used one of these on Facebook marketplace for $15 - not everything you get for your bunny needs to be new.

5. Fun Extras: Tunnels, Things to just on top of, arches to sit under, beds and blankets.



1. Choco Nose No-Drip Water bottle: $12 - This is the best one we have found, it is no drip, and very rarely does the ball get stuck and prevent water flow. It does happen sometimes though, so it's good to check as well as combine it with a water dish.

2. EZ Water Crock: $4 each - these are great for water and food but beware your bunny may like to chew - in which case we recommend a stainless steel bowl.

3. Stainless Steel Water/Food bowl: $6 - These are easy to wash and great for water and food!



1. Nutrena NatureWise 18% Performance Rabbit: $17 This food is my favorite but we have to drive farther to the nearest Farm & Fleet to get it.

2. Kent Home Fresh Family Hutch 17: $27 This food is a bit easier to get, from Fleet Farm.

3. Hay Rack: $10 - Your rabbit should be given unlimited amount of hay. Using a rack keeps a bit more contained but it is not necessary.

4. Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (BOSS), Old Fashioned Oats and Fresh Veggies - Most of these can be found while you are doing your own grocery shopping. However, BOSS can be found in bulk as bird seed at most home improvment stores such as HomeDepot, Lowes ect.


Grooming Supplies

1. Slicker Brush/Clippers: $13 These are great for general grooming needs.

2. Shearing Clippers: $30 - These are quiet and cut bunny wool like butter!

3. Pet Dryer: $80 - This is not necessary but is great if you wish you grow your bunnies wool out to harvest and sell for spinning.


Litter Box Set

1. Large litter box: $9 A smaller one will do when your bunny is little but a big one is nice to give them lots of space.

2. Wood Pellet Litter: $6 - Wood pellets are great at trapping any smells, hard or soft wood would work.

3. Litter Scoop: $3 - You can get a fancier one if you like, but its not necessary. This one has worked very well for us.


Now, all you need is your perfect bunny!


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