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Meet Your Perfect Bunny - Available May 2024

Hi! Are you in search of your perfect bunny friend? Well, you're in luck because we currently have six adorable bunnies available!

We have 4 does (yes, you read that right!) and 2 bucks, each boasting a unique array of colors and charming temperaments. Below, is a brief description of each bunny to help you find your perfect match. Reach out with questions!

6 English Angora Kits of various colors
May 2024 Litter

If you are not local, I will be meeting Hippity Hop Express in early June. Her route will be coming through WI and ending in NH. (See map below) Susan fills up quickly so please reach out if you are interested to secure you spot.

Hippity Hop Express June 2024 Route
Hippity Hop Express June 2024 Route


On to the cute fluffs!

Here are the sweet fluffy bunnies we have available.  They will be ready to hop on May 28th, 2024.  Reach out with any questions, I'm happy to answer them. :-)


Blossom is a little bit more reserved but such a sweet heart. She loves to have her ears scratched (that's why one is bent to the side haha). She just melts right into it!


This guy is a bit more timid than his siblings, when by himself but he loves attention and will gently seek you out for those ear scratches. He is a bit silkier than most of his siblings. His coat is beautiful and I cant wait to see what it looks like as he continues to grow these next 3 weeks!


Marigold has me continually questioning, trying to figure out what color she is... I am still not 100% certain. She has shading like a tort (nose and ear tips) but banding like an agouti (a charcoal ring is only appearing on her head not her body) and tan shading on her ears and behind her ears like an otter. If you have suggestions for what she may be - Send it my way!


Daisy is gorgeous! This girl is so tempting! She is black but the tan ticking adds a dark chocolate hue. Her belly is white with a black under coat. She is an otter but you can see evidence of her harlequin mama in one ear - it has black spotting.


Clover is such a fun bunny! She is bold and friendly - Loves to explore and "boop" you with her nose so you will continue to pet her. She has rich coloring and is simply a delight!


Chocolate Fox English Angora
Peaches (Chocolate Fox Buck)

Peaches! He is a high rufus, beautiful creamy orange buck who is sweet and has lovely fluff. He is out of my favorite doe for both wool and temperament and he is no different... I just don't need to keep another buck. :-)


If you don't see your perfect bunny, do not despair! We hopefully have 3 more litters on the way!

Due Around 5/11

  • Agouti and Harlequins

  • Otters, Foxes, Solids and Brokens

Due Around 5/25

  • Chocolates, Chocolate Tortes, VM and Brokens

You can secure your choosing position or put in a request for a specific color HERE.

Solid Color Angora Color Comparision
Solid Color Varieties: Black, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac

As always, please reach out with any questions about our current or upcoming bunnies. Or even if you have general questions about English angoras, I'm happy to chat! :-)



"It is not from external circumstances but from internal attitudes that sorrows and joys are born" ~ St. John Chrysostom


Just for Fun, Here are some photos of our May Magpie Litter

All of these sweet fluffs are reserved.


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