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Transporters Coming by in January

Below are two transporters I am meeting in January as well as some suggestions for future routes. Lets get your perfect bunny in your lap!

Snowball Chocolate Fox English Angora
Snowball Chocolate Fox

Wild Hops - I am the Johnsons Creek stop (THEY ARE FULL)


Colleen Wagner: Earn Respect Rabbitry - I would be the Janesville WI stop. I imagine they are getting full - HERE is the link their form to secure you spot.


If you don't see a stop near you, here are some transporters that come highly recommended that come by WI:

KD Farms Transport

UP North Pet Taxi

Hippity Hop Express

Hare to There


Black & Fawn Harli
Black & Fawn Harli


Here are some more (including some that come by WI once and while) and their profile photos.


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