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Expecting English Angoras - April 2024!

Hi You! Hope your Monday is off to a great start! Below are some updates from us.

We are thrilled to announce we have not just one, but two upcoming litters of adorable English Angoras- April 2024! As we eagerly anticipate their arrival, we wanted to take a moment to share the details with you. (Below are examples of colors we may get.)

Litter #1: The Radiant Bow Litter

Our first litter, "The Radiant Bow Litter", is expected to make their grand entrance on April 2, 2024. This diverse litter promises to be a kaleidoscope of colors, featuring a delightful array of hues with RINGS. From radiant reds to sunny yellows (fawns), and tranquil coppers and opals, each bunny will be a masterpiece, brimming with personality and charm. We have had fawns and reds only once before but they are beautiful! Coppers and opals are new to us to I'm hopeful we get some beauties.

Litter #2: The Fluffy Floral Brigade

Meanwhile, our second litter, "The Fluffy Floral Brigade," is also anticipated to arrive around April 2, 2024. This litter will feature enchanting magpie and harlequin colored bunnies, adding a touch of whimsy with their unique patters.

Reserve Your Bunny

Excited to welcome one of these adorable bunnies into your home? Reserve your bunny today by visiting HERE. Some of them are already reserved. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring home a furry friend from one of our upcoming litters!

Bunny selections are made in order of reservations. If your perfect bunny hasn't arrived, or is not available, you can apply your deposit to a future litter. We want you to find your perfect bunny!

What to Expect

As we eagerly await the arrival of these English Angora April 2024 litters, we'll be sharing updates as we have them! Those who reserved a bunny will be in on the first announcements for their arrival as well as colors and sex of kits. Unfortunately, with bunnies, things can unexpectedly happen - so we wait until 4-6 weeks for bunny selections to be made. The new fluffy hops will be ready to go home on May 28, 2024.

Getting your Bunny Home

When it comes to bringing your new bunny home, we understand the importance of ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. That is why we recommend using trusted transporters who prioritize the well-being of the animals they transport.

These transporters are experienced, professional and dedicated to delivering your bunny to you in the best possible condition. It is never too early to plan ahead! Check their facebook pages to see which direction they are headed and/or reach out to request a pick-up/drop-off location (we are in SE WI).

You can learn more about our trusted transporters and arrange for your bunny's journey home HERE.

Stay Connected

Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments and announcements. We look forward to announcing the arrival of these new fluffs and share excitement with each of you.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we await the arrival of and watch new fluffy fiber seeds grow!

As always, please reach out with questions!


Mora Angora Rabbitry

Also Available- Labradoodle Puppies!

We also have some sweet and loving labradoodles available. They have been like my little sheep and I'd love to see each of them go to their own people to be extra loved.

These pups are:

  • Crate Trained

  • Vet Checked/vaccinated

  • Well on their way to house trained

  • Genetically Tested (each one!)

  • Temperament Tested - to help us ensure you get your perfect puppy

  • Microchipped

  • Started on basic commands

In honor of leap year, we are offering a 29% sale.

We are also piloting an affiliate marketing program for with our puppies. Anyone who refers a puppy purchaser will receive a 11% affiliate commission for a total of $203.06!

Follow the link to our main site, become a site member, join the affiliate program to receive your custom link and share!

Reach out with any questions!


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