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English Angora Puppy Cut Guide (with clippers)

English Angora bunnies are sometimes known as the puppy dog of bunnies. They are soft, fluffy and have adorable tipped ears. Some people choose to keep their bunnies wool short but with a longer face - a "puppy cut". :-) I have been asked for a tutorial of sorts, so here it is!

I used sweet Despereaux as our model. He is a younger bunny who needed a trim before heading to his new home.

Despereaux's ears haven't tipped yet and I did trim his body down a bit shorter to make the lines more obvious - But Despereaux was the perfect model. :-)

English Angora Rabbit with Puppy Cut
Despereaux : After puppy cut

What you will need:

  1. Clippers - I have used both Holdog and Gimars and found them both great! (These are not affiliate links)

  2. Bunny :-)

  3. Slicker brush - I have this one (Also not an affiliate link)

  4. Blower - not needed but useful, I have this one. (not an affiliate link)

Don't be discouraged if you don't get it quite right the first time - practice makes perfect. :-) I hope you find this helpful and please reach out with question!

Step 1: Blow out your bunny as usual - a smooth coat makes for a smooth trim.

Step 2: Set your clippers to 2mm. I like to begin behind the ears. Go slowly, so you get a clean cut and work your way down the back towards the tail.

English Angora with clippers
Sheer Head to tail following curves of the body

As the pass going down the back gets a bit wider, I begin to go down towards the belly. Again, go slowly for a smooth clean cut.

I like to get as much of the top of the bunny done down the back and belly before moving on to the face and belly. Be mindful of their tail but it is farther down than one might think.

Step 3: Set your clippers to .08 and free hand it! :-) The first picture is natural, then with the left side done. Its a gentle arch shape. Then the right side.

Step 4: The top of their head- I brush it out well and then shape it to be a bit shorter than the cheeks.

Step : Belly - Gently turn your bunny onto their back and place them in your lap. I start trimming on their chest and move down towards their tail.

How to trim English Angora's belly
Despereaux chillin'

Step 6: Legs! (You are almost done!) I gently extend their legs and trim them to be even. I left this guys legs a bit longer than I sometimes do, to make it easier to see in photos. :-) Also, I don/t trim the bottoms of their feet but I will clean up around the edge to make it a smooth. Left is how long they were before trimming and right is once done.

Step 7: Take photos of your beautifully trimmed baby!

English Angora Puppy Cut

Trim English Angora

English Angora hair cut

Angora bunny haircut

I hope this helped! I'd love to see photos of your bunnies so feel free to share @MoraAngora!


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