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What is a Group of Rabbits Called

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

As interesting as it was to learn a baby rabbit was called a kitten, I needed to know - What was a group of rabbits called? A heard? A group? A band? Did they even hang around together?

Turns out, they do! Rabbits are social animals and live in large groups to protect themselves from predators. A group of rabbits is called a "colony".


Geese: A group of geese is called a "gaggle".

Cows: A group of cows is called a "herd".

Elephants: A group of elephants is called a "herd". They live in close-knit families led by a matriarch.

Lions: A group of lions is called a "pride". Lions hunt and live together in prides led by a dominant male.

Deer: A group of deer is called a "herd".

Sheep: A group of sheep is called a "flock".

So there you have a short list of groups of animal names - Do you know any fun ones?!


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