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What is a Baby Rabbit Called

As we delved deeper into the exciting world of rabbit breeding, I knew there was much to learn (and still is). I initially referred to the future babies of our rabbits as "bunnies", but wanting to be accurate, I sought out the official name (not scientific) and discovered they are called KITTENS! Though, the more popular name is Kit. I was also surprised to learn that babies of hare's have a different name than rabbits.

Of course the hunt didn't end there - all this newfound knowledge had sparked curiosity, and I couldn't help learning more... and sharing of course. :-)

Some of these I knew, but others like Jellyfish were new to me. Enjoy, I hope you learn something new!


Aardvark: cub or calf

Alligator: hatchling

Alpaca, llama, guanaco or vicuña: cria

Anteater: pup

Ape: infant

Baboon: infant

Bat: pup

Bear: cub

Beaver: kitten or kit

Binturong: pup or kitten

Boar: shoat, boarlet, or piglet

Cat: kitten

Coyote: pup or whelp

Deer: fawn

Dog: puppy

Dove or pigeon: squab or squeaker

Duck: duckling

Eagle: eaglet

Echidna: puggle

Elephant: calf

Falcon or hawk: eyas

Fox: pup, cub, or kit

Giraffe: calf

Goat: kid

Goose: gosling

Guineafowl: keet

Hare: leveret

Hedgehog: piglet or pup

Hippopotamus: calf

Horse: foal, colt (male), or filly (female)

Jellyfish: ephyra

Kangaroo: joey Mole: pup

Lion: cub

Monkey: infant

Mouse: pup or pinky

Nightingale: nestling

Opossum: joey

Otter: pup or whelp

Owl: owlet

Peafowl: peachick

Penguin: chick

Pig: piglet

Platypus: puggle

Porcupine: porcupette

Pronghorn: fawn

Puffin: puffling

Rabbit: kitten, kit or bunny (google said so :-)

Raccoon: cub or kit

Rhinoceros: calf

Seal: pup

Sheep: lamb

Skunk: kitten or kit

Squirrel: pup, kitten or kit

Swan: cygnet or flapper

Tiger: cub

Turkey: poult, jake (male), or jenny (female)

Walrus: cub or pup

Whale: calf

Wolf: cub, pup or whelp

Yak: calf

Zebra: foal


What is your favorite animal is a popular question in our house - so - What is your favorite animal and their young called? Share below!


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